Green Darjeeling Single Estate Tea FTGFOP1, organic, 2021, 500g

Mid February 2022
Green Darjeeling is an non-fermented tea.
It ist from the same tea plants as black Darjeeling Tea.
This tea is semi-bitter, yet still mild and fresh. (Organic inspection agency DE-ÖKO-005)
17,50 EUR
(Baseprice: 35,00 EUR per kg)
max. 75 days*
Mid February 2022

* Applies to deliveries within Germany. Delivery times for other countries here.


Green tea
Bring 500ml water to a boil and let it cool down 10 70 - 80° C and pour over the tea (approx. 4g). White steeping (2 minules). Do not cover the pot, so as not to scald the leaves. Pour trough a tea strainer before serving.

Food information regulation

Labelling according to EU Food-Information-Regulation (1169/2011/EU)
Darjeeling FTGFOP1
Loose Green Tea of controlled biological cultivation
Origin: Darjeeling/India
Net quantity: 500g
Stored tightly sealed, dry and free of odours
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