Darjeeling Tea Second Flush FTGFOP1, organic, 2021, 1kg

The second large harvest is called the "Second Flush" and takes place during summer. 
This black tea is harvested from the beginning of June until the beginning of July. 
Second Flush tea has a fuller and stronger taste than First Flush. (Organic inspection agency DE-ÖKO-005)
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Black tea
Bring 500ml fresh tap water to a boil and pour over the tea (approx. 4g). Let the tea steep tor around 2-3 minutes. Pour through a tea strainer before serving.


Labelling according to EU Food-Information-Regulation (1169/2011/EU)
Darjeeling FTGFOP1
Loose Black Tea of controlled biological cultivation
Origin: Darjeeling/India
Net quantity: 250g
Stored tightly sealed, dry and free of odours
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